The Chosen NFT Tech Omega Testers

We know there's been tension in the community behind the results of the Omega Testers forms. Well, the wait is all over, as now…

🙌 The Chosen Ones

It’s been some time since we’ve given you, the community, a chance to be part of our pre Omega → Alpha → Beta testing crew, and that time has come to a close. Below, we have listed out, after deep consideration from the team, the users that have been whitelisted to have front row access to the development of NFT Tech, and to provide valuable feedback and report any bugs encountered.

To summarize, we were very much oversubscribed and truly appreciate the excitement! Please refer to the list to find if you have been selected:

@sarantium @memismo @BTCRUNNA @EurCrypt @Euphorical @ssangram0609 @kachoperro @phcarlo @the12gauge @nguyenduong1983 @v_bubnov @Zarathustra7 @mxt81094 @hausuresh @Aitorete @etrub123 @alekseyssol @MABLABart @MasterfulCrypto @justice_r @Lisera27 @dalejc @CryptoDuck89 @CryptoB3 @pin_doll @renatov @shubhar87 @BNBto1250USD @Seritii @tk_chg @CryptoMiraged @Victor202000 @hakan4566788 @verycb @Kuncle @mrroen @mesuandreas1986 @crypto_scalper @VerySkyler @huynq13 @adiirus @aks2603 @apedorphin @Satoshi_Nakamot00 @chitykat @pinepeni @drstpc @heraldeeen @Vesrvn @kamil_eli

Pro-tip: Press CTRL+F and search your TG ID if you’re in the above list.

Towards the end of this week we will be:

  1. Emailing/DM-ing you for confirmation that you have been successfully selected as an NFT Tech Tester.

  2. Creating a private group on Telegram where we will be sharing the steps needed to access NFT Tech, as well as information on where to submit feedback and bug reports.

📕 In closure

All in all, we are aware that turbulent market conditions continue to raise concerns over the date of the dual launch. Please do note that the team is actively immersed in developing a state-of-the-art platform that not only competes with the best ecosystems out there, but leaves them in the dust. Fret not, your time will come soon. But for the testers, congratulations!

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