NFT Tech Unveils Marketplace!

NFT Tech showcases their upcoming “Amazon for NFTs” marketplace

NFT Tech is shaping the next-generation of infrastructure for the NFT marketplace. To date, the NFT marketplace has consisted of exchanges with widely different rules and poorly designed interfaces. NFT Tech is launching a comprehensive platform where users can easily create and trade NFT assets. 

The NFT Tech platform has been carefully designed to provide a frictionless UX experience for both experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Anyone familiar with using any ecommerce website will be able to easily navigate the NFT Tech platform. NFT Tech is building the Amazon for NFTs.

NFT Tech has released a preview video of their upcoming marketplace that showcases the layout of the NFT Tech platform. The preview video reveals the NFT Tech dashboard and highlights the main features like NFT creation and the NFT marketplace. 

The NFT Tech marketplace is scheduled to launch within the next 3-5 weeks. The marketplace will launch alongside the NFTT token listing, giving NFTT token holders immediate access to the full features of the platform. NFT Tech users will be able to create, list, auction, store, and display their assets on the NFT Tech platform.