NFT Tech Marketplace | Omega Update

In our previous article we've carefully selected 50 talented individuals who opted in for the NFT Tech testing crew. Here's what's been happening behind the scenes!

The 50 NFT Tech Omega testers that we’ve onboarded on the 22nd of July have been battle-testing the platform from the ins to the outs, alongside the cornerstone stakeholders and influencers. This is to be in line with the vision of users being able to easily purchase, sell, auction, create, and store unique pieces of artwork, certified via NFT Tech’s Super Chain. 

🔎 The Current Stage

1. The Search function is being implemented onto the platform

We are hard at work finalizing the search engine, as this allows users to go above and beyond with their searchability through a filter view of various storefronts, users, art, features, and other key data points, to make the experience as seamless as possible, while making browsing art fun.

2. Staking and Liquidity Provision

Currently, we are at the testing phase of providing liquidity and staking $NFTT to the platform to earn % yields. This is all being done in the Rinkeby network, with initial testing being successful. The development team will be implementing the ability for anyone with a Web3-enabled smart device to stake their $NFTT on the platform, with these features scheduled to be available alongside the product launch 🤞  

3. The Marketplace

We are making adjustments at just about every aspect of the marketplace to cater towards our stakeholders and future community. Users will be able to open their very own storefronts, significantly simplifying the experience of finding NFTs crafted by your favourite artist.

4. The Listing - Dual Launch Mode

This one we’ll keep a secret until the time comes. The reason for this is that we want a fully working product available upon launch so that users can begin minting NFTs or staking $NFTT. Don’t worry, it’s right around the corner and sooner than you can imagine.

It has been a wild roller-coaster folks 🎢/ We truly appreciate our 50 testers taking the time to dive deep into the NFT Tech ecosystem, offering suggestions, spotting bugs, and aiding the fulfilment of our common goal - building the very best NFT marketplace out there. 

As a result, we will be awarding the top 5 contributors with a mystery prize for their contributions. Watch our socials and stay notified on the latest with $NFTT by joining our communities below!

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