NFT Tech Finalizes Private Fundraising Rounds

NFT Tech onboards strategic partners during private sale fundraising

NFT Tech is building the future infrastructure of the NFT marketplace. As it stands, the NFT marketplace is deeply fragmented and illiquid. NFT assets have been recording extraordinary growth but the holders of these assets have historically been subject to sharp fluctuations in the value of their assets, or complete loss in some cases.

NFT Tech is addressing this by launching the first matching engine that can be adopted across the fragmented NFT markets. The matching engine technology will introduce market makers, bid-order books, and incentives for actors to allocate liquidity to the previously illiquid areas of the NFT market. The journey to launching this product is one step closer with the completion of an important fundraising milestone.

NFT Tech is thrilled to announce that it has fully finalized its private sale fundraising rounds, onboarding key strategic partners who share a common vision for the future of the NFT marketplace. Each private sale participant has committed to supporting NFT Tech long-term and will assist in the growth of the innovative project.

Renowned players like DuckDao, BMW Capital, Rio Fund , Orion, VYSYN Ventures, and Blocksync Ventures participated in the private sales with many other high-end VCs also allocating capital. These VC companies only invest in the most disruptive cryptocurrency projects and provide invaluable incubation programmes to their supported startups. NFT Tech will benefit from the combined expertise of these VC companies.

The finalization of the private fundraising round is only the first step for NFT Tech. NFT Tech has assembled a team that is committed to radically improving the structure of the NFT market. The NFT Tech team will continue working towards optimizing the matching engine product and will keep our fast-growing community updated on the development progress.